Green Clean Energies is a Solar City Authorized sales representative ,

anywhere that Solar City is installing roof top Solar Power systems.
To date , Solar City is largest Solar Installer in USA, with over 275,000 systems installed.
No out of pocket costs.

You will deal direct with Solar City .
20 year free maintenance .

20 year renewable lease.
No installation costs. NONE !
Solar City  is an Elan Musk's company  , same as TESLA's electric motor car company ,

and  Solar City will be ready to add batteries to Solar Systems , within about a year .
Right now, at night, the home's power reverts to the grid for power.
The home owner buys the electricity it makes, from Solar City, at less ,

than what the building's owners are paying now, to grid service provider, per kilowatt hour.
Solar City sells the excess power produced, back to the grid.
That is how Solar City has installed 275,000 units, and Financed all units for the building's owners,

at no costs to home or commercial building's owner.

RealtyTrac dot com reports that homes with Solar Power sytems sell for approximately $20,000. more. 




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We will ask Solar City if your location is within current service area, 

to receive a new roof top Solar PV power Generation System , at no cost . We will send you the answer A S AP , to your e-mail address.

By making this request , you agree that SOLAR CITY employees may contact you , to discuss your  allowing Solar City  to install a new Solar Roof Top Power generation system .   That final decision is totally at your sole discretion , and not that of  Algaentis / Green Clean Energies.  This offer is a free service of Algaentis and Green Clean Energies , to promote free  Solar Power to  the USA consumers. .

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  So we can give you a FREE Solar Roof Top Power System  , to Power your home with your own Solar power !!!

​** (  Net Metering by your Eelctrical utility is required to receive a FREE Solar City Power System   )

DC Powered SOLAR Air Conditioning and Thermal Heat Pump Heating ,  along with supplying all your potable Hot Water needs,

from your 900 watt Roof Top DC Solar Power system .

One Unit can Cool  & Heat 800 square feet

SolarCity - A Cleaner, More Affordable Alternative to Your Utility Bill     



GREEN  CLEAN  ENERGIES   is an  Authorized  DIRECT Marketing Agent for placing  FREE **  SOLAR   CITY   roof top P.V.  power generation systems on your home or business .

Delivers all your Free Solar Hot Water

Solar Air Conditioner
Connect Up To Three Panels (900W) Runs On Solar Power & reverts to AC at night.

Power 11,500 BTU Cooling/13,000 BTU Heat

Plug-And-Play Solar Connection No Batteries Required

CERTIFIED By:           

ENERGY STAR , AHRI, UL 1995, C&USA 22.2, ETL, & California Energy Commission [CEC certified solar air conditioner]

Like all DC-Inverter air conditioners, the ACDC12 compressor runs on DC power converted from AC power. But this special solar air conditioner can also accept DC power directly from solar panels, without needing an inverter, controller, or batteries. The solar DC power directly replaces an equivalent amount of AC power from the power company and can cut daytime energy costs for air conditioning or heating by up to 80-90%.
During the day, the ACDC12 can get most of its power from solar resulting in an efficiency above SEER 35 when using two >/= 230W solar panels. The unit can be connected with up to three 300W panels. The system is designed for hybrid operation with solar providing most of the energy needed during daylight hours. This air conditioner must be connected to a 220/240VAC power source , or must have an additional battery pack  for off-grid operation.

Simple To Install
This unit installs exactly like a normal mini-split air conditioner.

Standard MC4 cabling can be used to connect the solar panels directly to the AC unit.

Off the Grid power system

Ultra-High SEER Solar Air Conditioner

Ordering, Pricing & Specifications- DC4812:

Standard Duty System ~15 Hours Operation
This system satisfies the needs of most users. The standard system uses 8 x 6v golf cart type deep cycle batteries and can operate for up to 10 hours without sun when batteries are fully charged. 

Ordering, Pricing & Specifications- DC4812:

Standard Duty System ~15 Hours Operation
This system satisfies the needs of most users. The standard system uses 8 x 6v golf cart type deep cycle batteries and can operate for up to 10 hours without sun when batteries are fully charged

DC Solar Air Conditioner 12000BTU  - $1795.
6 x 250W PV Panels  -                                      $1230.
6-panel Flush Mount Rail Kit -                    $  576.

8 x Trojan T-105 225AH batteries -        $1120.
1 x MPPT45 Charge Controller -               $  575.

~Total System  -                                                   $5596.

Standard Unit Cools & Heats 800 sq.ft. - $3,700  .

Heat exchanger for Hot Water is extra.   MADE IN THE USA

TM ®     SolarSun  Air Conditioning and Heating 

Submitted from : SolarSun Air Conditioning and Thermal Heating , a division of ALGAentis Inc. , a SAMS/CCR registered Contractor . DUNS : 078493885 - CAGE: 6S6V9 , d.b.a. Green Clean Energies.

SolarSun offers three (3) Solar DC powered Air Chiller / Heat Pump Models 

Definition of Technology : SolarSun indoor room cooling / heating units utilize chilled fluid circulating from the DC outdoor Compressor/Condenser, through the indoor blower fans , (called splits ) , and are powered by DC Solar PV roof panels, reverting to AC grid power at night , if no battery back-up is included .

No forced air duct work is required .

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