The ALGAentis Growth Tower's  tray/pans are  vertically stacked , creating up to 2100 sq. ft / 200  m2  from each single m2 of the Growth Tower’s small footprint , increasing the crop throughput yield by 25-fold per sq.ft. / m2 footprint  . Scaling up to Industrial agricultural output and reducing per kg costs is accomplished thru simple redundancy . 

Docked into its fully automated , vertical stacked Growth Tower , each  growth tray pan is manifold injected with liquefied nutrients. This  biological matrix can complete its growth cycle within hours vs days for algae,  and within days instead of weeks, for salad crops.

 Mounted above each  growth tray/pan is a correctly set  ,  computer adjusted light path of Low energy,  48 watt , LED light source,  which radiates in a specific intensity  and light spectrum , of which the algae cells or salad crops can completely consume .

The algae biomass or salad crop growing cycle is monitored by in-situ sensors , which monitored data is fed into the system’s central computer proprietary software , which controls the  timing of the automated conveyor's production speed , climate ,  input matrix and throughput ,  and delivers the completed crop cycle to the  waist height service window ,  for ease of  ergonomic harvesting and replanting  of the ALGAentis Growth Tower's trays.  

Picked Fresh Daily produce can be grown . Cross Country  Delivery /Shipping would be replaced with Organic Local Produce.  8,000 sq,ft of Fresh Salad crops can be grown within a 500 sq.ft. , floor space , 365 days a year , inside a  downtown New York City building , for restaurants and markets. Lettuce trays are harvested every  21 days. 


 Photo of the ALGAentis Patented  Hydroponic Growth Tower tested in U.K. , shown growing salad crops for local markets