HazMat  Curtain Net deloyed below hard boom to catch emulsified Tar Balls that wash below Hard Boom .

ABOVE Picture demonstrates  the Algaentis Curtain Wall Net , attached to the Miles of deployed Hard Boom , made of Double Walled polyethylene 1/2 and 3/4 inch Mesh net grid Catches the Tar Balls and Emulsified ( Jelled ) Oil material that is not caught by the existing deployed Hard Boom

Pictured above , the HazMat Sponge BOOM deployed on the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.  Algaentis has Patented and manufactured Oleophilic / Hydrophobic 16 inch and 24 inch Diameter Open Celled Polyurethane Foam BOOMS to Absorb the Oil Spills on the open salt waters , fresh rivers, road sides, lands and  Beaches

HazMat  Oil  Absorbent  Soft  Sponge  BOOM  and  Mats

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***  To be safe , all HazMat  materials should be purchased , stored, and staged ,

to be adequately prepared for oil spill and HazMat  Emergencies, by Coast Guard, DOT , and Oil Service Companies. 

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