Stored GeoPolymer Encapsulated blocks do not lyse or fraction back into environment , and GeoPolymer  binds all heavy metals 

GEOPoly-Crete Geopolymer Production Components  For ENCAPSULATION of   

Uranium ( any ) Mine Tailings and Heavy Metals 

One Ton Bags of GeoPolymer Encapsulated Heavy Metal’s HazMat wastes / tailings ready for Transport to permanent, safe storage 

ALGAentis / d.b.a. Green Clean Energies,  offers  our process of neutralizing the radioactive wastes, mixing of the hazardous wastes with chemical compounds, and solidifying those encapsulated materials , within a geo-polymer cement based slurry,  which , when dried in ambient air ,  becomes a permanent  " Tombstone " block ,  and our solidified blocks are then safely stored and stacked, like " legos" blocks. 

Wet Mix of  Geopolymer Encapsulated Heavy Toxic metal's 

Wastes or Mine Tailings, ready for Natural ,  Ambient  Air Drying 

This is the least expensive method of encapsulating any HazMat wastes ,and/or mine tailings,  versus the high energy costs of vitrification of radioactive wastes,   and the stored " tombstone " blocks do not later leach. 

Through our process of remote-robotic handling of the hazardous wastes,  during the mixing and placement of the Hazardous Materials into their final molds,  safety of the area and the staff are ensured. 
 Photo of the ALGAentis molded "Tombstone" block is embedded below.

GeoPolymer Cement  mixed with Heavy Metals or Mine Tailings , poured into one ton storage bags