Christopher Smith  -

Founder and President  of ALGAentis, inc.  , 

a Colorado Registered C-Corp. 

Christopher Smith  invented and Patented the ALGAentis Photo-bioreactor  , which is designed to accelerate  and automate the 24/7 propagation of algae cells, all within a clean laboratory atmosphere , that will mimic any algae's natural  growth conditions and provide algae a clean  growth environment , free of bacterial contamination , which all other algae growth processes , that are utilizing tubes , vats, bags and ponds , inevitably suffer bacterial batch contamination , loss of the entire algae  stock, downtime for clean out and de-contamination of the algae growth vessels, 

and death of the algae biomass. 

Only the ALGAentis Growth Tower provides a computer controlled , contamination free , Clean Room platform,  for Bio-Medical R&D  of algae based serums and accelerated growth of any algae specie , for any algae product chain . 

The ALGAentis Growth Tower is essential for accelerating phototropic algae propagation , especially in northern latitudes. 

The same fully automated ALGAentis Growth Tower is also a superior Organic Hydroponic Vegetable production platform , and can deliver Fresh  harvested produce,  within a small footprint , within  any downtown Tokyo or New York City high rise or industrial building ,  24/7.  

Mr. Smith also invented and manufactures the Oleophilic/Hydrophobic HazMat Oil  absorbent  sponge Boom , and deployed the HazMat Boom during the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill disaster.

Patent Filed and Pending 

Helmut Schneider - Director

Europe and the Americas Renewable Energy Division

Helmut Schneider is a German citizen and the Director of AAA Holding Sh.P.K. Albania.

Mr. Schneider is a long time European  Board of Director at The AmericanGreenCross , a USA based NGO 

Environmental R&D Organization , and also a seasoned member of the  BoD of ALGAentis Ltd. USA.

Helmut  is also a Consultant for the Albanian Energy Ministry and a German Capital Funding Company.

Through a Global Network of Renewable Energy Patent Holders and Engineers, developed over the past 20 years, Helmut Schneider and the American Green Cross Board of Directors,  and the ALGAentis BoD and Advisors have a built a clear path and a Mission of Environmental Project Funding and Completion.

Helmut Schneider’s current main focuses are to work on new procedures, patents and inventions, to achieve  a better utilization of the resources that remain from industrial processes, such as current the Glycerin  project, involving the “leftovers” of alternative fuel production made from, fat , algae , and other waste recovery procedures.

Mr. Schneider is implementing these products into the energy production of Biodiesel production plants and is delivering this cost efficient energy supply to remotely located  gensets , community power production , as well as its implementation into other industrial production processes (like PET bottle production).



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