ALGAentis has Developed the World’s 1st Fully Automated , Drop-in modular, combined Algal Phototrophic  biomass  and Hydroponic crop production system .

ALGAentis is a completely New, Novel, Breakthrough Algae Biomass  and Hydroponic Plant production technology , that is Controllable ,  Predictable , Reliable , and Sustainable  . For the 1st time , affordable  industrial or lab scale Algae  and Hydroponic Crop production is now possible,  with the ALGAentis  Photoautotrophic Bioreactors ,  automated 24/7 ,  programmable to mimic any climate  , operate in any latitude, plus eliminating Bacterial Contamination for Algal Bio-Med R&D , without sun light , large water demands and footprints . Touch screen and remote control .

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The ALGAentis Advantages 

Description of the ALGAentis Algae Growth Tower Production System:

The key to the  ALGAentis   mechanical and biological algae cultivation invention is that each identical  , thin shallow Algae Biomass growth tray/pan is vertically stacked , creating 200 m2 from each single m2 of the Growth Tower’s small footprint , increasing the algae throughput yield by 200-fold . Scaling up to Industrial algae biomass output and reducing per kg algae costs is accomplished thru simple redundancy .  Docked into its fully automated , vertical stacked Growth Tower , each algae growth pan is injected with liquefied CO2 , nutrients , and algae spores. This  biological matrix can complete its growth cycle within hours vs days.  Mounted above each algae growth tray/pan is a new, low energy 48 watt , LED light source,  which radiates algae in a specific intensity  and light spectrum , of which the algae cells can completely consume . The algae biomass growing cycle is monitored by in-situ sensors , which monitored data is fed into the system’s central computer proprietary software , which controls the  timing of the automated conveyor's production speed , climate ,  input matrix and throughput ,  and completed harvest cycles .  

The algae biomass conveyor system is constructed inside the ALGAentis  environmentally controlled bio-chamber . At the end of each algae biomass' growing cycle , the algae growth pans are automatically emptied , cleaned , replaced with sterile pans & refilled  . The wet algae biomass is then pumped into the extraction station , where the  lipids will be  cracked by a 3rd party electro-impulse lysing technology. This licensed cracking system  extracts the algae's oil  for drop-in algal bio-fuels , to replace or blend with JP-5 , JP-8 and F-76 diesel . Additionally , end Algal product chains of Astaxanthin , Omega -3s, 6 & 9s , Nutraceuticals , Cosmeceuticals,  human proteins & carbohydrates , pigments, organic bio-fertilizer , bio-plastics , & animal /fish feed  pellets, to increase the ROI to investor and reduce the Risk .

ALGAentis  is Collaborating with The Scottish Association of Marine Sciences , Algenuity , Harvard University/WYSS Institute, Florida University , Central Florida University , Origin Oil and FES Biofuels of Australia , to continually improve the system and to lower end product chain's costs.

 The ALGAentis Biosolutions' fully automated algae cultivation process also delivers a new   “clean room” platform , for the emerging Algal Bio-Medical field to scale up within , post lab.  ALGAentis  has Filied its  Patent , for the above described Algae production process .

Open Ponds do not produce efficiently in Colder Climates , during Winter, or in Northern Hemisphere .


Tubes, pipes, vats, and Open Pond systems all have the same Fatal Flaw : they  are all

going to be shut down from Bacterial Contamination , and biomass will be lost and the entire algae production system must be purged and de-contaminated.

The ALGAentis Growth Trays  are removed and replaced, with sterilized  Growth Tray inserts,  after each  Batch Harvest , eliminating the Bio-Film buildup,   that causes Bacterial  Contamination